The Lil’ Flicker’s Story:

Lil’ Flicker’s was originally created by Tammy Jo and Mark Kerney in October of 1994 as a stay at home business. The entire family worked together to produce candles scented beyond belief and that melt evenly. As the children grew older and their needs required more time from their parents, the business also grew demanding of more time as well. It began to infringe on the Kerney’s primary goal ( family time). So, Arlene and Bob Stelzer owners of Wild Bird Center in Harlingen, Texas began selling Lil’ Flickers from their store beginning the day they opened their doors in November 1999. Arlene, a true believer in the quality and uniqueness of the candles always voiced that these were the best candles anyone can buy. With that in mind, Tammy Jo and Mark passed the special formula to Arlene and Bob to carry on the tradition of candle making with love and integrity in April 2002. The Stelzers became Lil’ Flicker’s Candle Company and guarantee candles made with the highest standards as originally produced.