Our Scented Candles:

Lil’ Flickers scented candles are container candles in a 16 ounce  jar candles. Because Lil’ Flickers are a single wick jar candle, they  are extra long burning, with an average burn time of 110-115 hours. This average of 7 hours per ounce is one of the highest in the industry when compared to other candles ounce per ounce. Lil’ Flickers melt evenly across the top creating a liquid melt pool of fragrance eliminating the waste of a wax by not  leaving a well down the center of the candle.   It is recommended that you allow the melt pool to expand to 1/8 inch in depth  to produce the full aromatic essence of the candle. Because Lil’ Flickers are  hand poured,  you will get the same powerful scent throw each time you burn a candle, from beginning to end. Custom blended by perfumers for Lil’ Flickers Candle Company, the top note, middle note and low note of each scent will deepen the longer the candle burns.